Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Crowsnest Pass Council Meeting Oct 15,2013

Council Meeting Oct 15,2013

CAO Report of activities:

RC Strategies are in town conducting interviews with various user groups and will be sending surveys out to residents shortly regarding the Recreation Study

Interviews were conducted last week for the Director of Protective and Community Services new person will be starting in the position Nov 4.

Old hospital should be complete this week, with the contractor commencing on the old nursing home next week.

The new entrance signs are being constructed, with the tender for the bases to be awarded this week.

Fire Chief Munshaw informed us that Alberta as no set minimum standards for training levels for fire fighters, municipalities are allowed to set their own standards.

Councilor Gallant raised the issue with Chief Munshaw that businesses should be seeing reductions in their Fire Insurance, Mr Munshaw advised that businesses need to contact their Insurance companies and if they do not see a reduction then they need to contact:
Fire Chief Munshaw at  562-8833 and he will assist those businesses.

Alberta Municipal Affairs Inspection

Motion was made and passed by council to accept the Municipal Inspectors Report

CAO provided to council his recommendations for follow up actions on the Municipal Inspectors Report, motion was made and passed by council to accept recommendations.

Bylaw 870,2013 Council Procedural Bylaw

Was given second and third reading by council passed by a vote of 5-1 (Gail opposed)

Then council spent the last fifteen minutes congratulating each other and administration on the fine job they had done over the last three years.

That’s it for council meeting during this term of council, new council’s first meeting will commence @ 5pm on October 29 with a meet and greet followed by Official Oath of Office @ 6pm, Official Council Photographs @ 6:30pm, and lastly the Organizational Meeting of Council @ 7pm (That is where council divides up which committee’s they would like to sit on)


Anonymous said...

The Municipal Inspection Action List is on this page:

Anonymous said...

I hope the new municipal website was covered by a grant.

Anonymous said...

Can not believe they are hiring a new Director this close to the election. Should have at least allowed next council to look at the organizational structure. So what happens to this person if the funding for the position is taken out of the 2014 budget? Would they have a contract with this person so that the new council is stuck with him?

Anonymous said...

Here is an issue that was mentioned in the report but there was no recommendation:

According to FOIP (see below) when a draft bylaw, budget or policy is tabled for discussion in open council or committee meetings it becomes public information. This is the same rule we are familiar with at the provincial and federal levels. MLAs and MPs are free to share and discuss these draft documents with constituents after they have been tabled in the legislature.

The current council thinks this information is none of our business until it is finalized and rubber stamped by council.

As a council member you will have copies of these draft documents. Will you share them with the public?

Local public body confidences
23(1) The head of a local public body may refuse to disclose information to an applicant if the disclosure could reasonably be expected to reveal
(a) a draft of a resolution, bylaw or other legal instrument by which the local public body acts, or
(b) the substance of deliberations of a meeting of its elected officials or of its governing body or a committee of its governing body, if an Act or a regulation under this Act authorizes the holding of that meeting in the absence of the public.
(2) Subsection (1) does not apply if
(a) the draft of the resolution, bylaw or other legal instrument or the subject‑matter of the deliberation has been considered in a meeting open to the public, or
(b) the information referred to in that subsection is in a record that has been in existence for 15 years or more.

(I am asking this of the five blogging candidates and Bill by email. Are there any others that have online contacts?)

Bonus points for a simple "yes" or "no" answer.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Simple answer Yes

The only rare exception in my mind is where there is a legal impediment to do so.
After having the benefit of sitting in the public gallery for the last three years it is very frustrating to hear councilors debating a draft bylaw. When all you hear is "there is a spelling error in Sec 3.2.1 or lets remove the word "the" in the fourth paragraph"
Something along these lines stood out, as recently as Tuesday night when the CAO handed out his report to all of council and the media representative's, if it's public enough to go to the media why not run of an extra dozen copies and give it to the public sitting in council chambers that have shown the interest to be there as well.

Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very frustrating to sit in council chambers, and not know what on earth they are talking about, until 2 weeks or a month goes by, and it is? posted with the approved minutes. VERY FRUSTRATING.