Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Politics and Privacy the bigger issue

When I look east at our neighbors in Pincher Creek it really is such a sharp contrast to what is going on in the Crowsnest Pass, they are not even having an election for councilors just for the Mayor six people were acclaimed while just 45km to the west we are in the midst of a battle to the bitter end for our six spots.
Now politics in the Crowsnest Pass, yes candidates have a right to put out their platform, signs, advertising, flyers what ever they like. We all know that every side in an election will interpret the "facts" as they see fit. All of the above I am fine with even the Claims versus Facts blog that suddenly came about this weekend, obviously the work of somebody(s) who is supporting the Incumbents unless I am to assume that not one comment from an Incumbent was listed because they have not made a claim yet that could be challenged?

But that is all OK, what is not right is invading my privacy somebody gave my email address to S.C. Rudegon, not just mine but apparently hundreds of other people. This is no different than the famous "robo-calls" is it? This is a total invasion of our privacy and is wrong, in Alberta we have the FOIP act that is suppose to protect us from our personal information being shared with somebody unless we give our permission. Where did the fraud S.C Rudegon get "our" personal emails? there is a lot of speculation right now I received a call from a lady that said herself and three of her friends the only place they have in common where they provided all their emails was on a school mailing list. It was posted by a local business lady on the Crowsnest Network on Facebook last night that she received the email on both her personal and business address she stated the only place she provided both those addresses to was the Crowsnest Cultural and Recreation Society (Cando). Then I have had calls from people asking me doesn't the municipality have access to a lot of email addresses?. Whoever did this is wrong, the blog with the claims versus facts all fair game, the invasion of hundreds of people's privacy wrong, wrong, wrong. Who do they share your email address with next?
If anybody as any information on this please provide it to me I will be contacting the FOIP people in Edmonton. In addition I had a call from somebody that told me one of those high tech geeks could trace the email back to it's source that is way over my head but if anybody knows anything about that, email me please  deanward4@msn.com.        


Anonymous said...

Who as the most to loose if the Incumbents are not re-elected?
Where do you find access to all the municipal financial information?
Where do you find maps on who owns what land?
Put it together Dean it should not be that difficult.

Anonymous said...

"I will be contacting the FOIP people in Edmonton"

get them to stop all my junk/spam emails too.

Anonymous said...

This is not funny if someone used a mailing list inappropriately. I got the fake e-mail and I don't think privacy is a laughing matter. The people who did this should rethink how they are doing things if they want people to join their groups.

Anonymous said...

My privacy is not a joke 11:42 that is why we have a do not call list in Canada. The incumbent group should have put out all the FACTS over the last two years. Maybe we would not be where we are today.
I am so excited about turfing these guys I went and voted today.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure they don't publish maps showing ownership since FOIP came into force in 1995 (personal privacy).
I have a CNP map from 1995 which does.

Anonymous said...

The last week of the election brings personal attacks which are not warranted. For example, posting someone’s property information on the internet is a line that should not have been crossed. This displays not only desperation, but also poor form.

Now we have a contest between people who claim to represent truth and fact trying to sway voters. Claiming to stand for truth is the oldest trick and trademark of every despot history has ever recorded.

According to Farmer’s Report, Crowsnest Pass municipal organization is in total disarray. The problem is simple to pin point, lack of proper communication right from the Council table all the way down the line.

The management style at the council table is very antagonistic and very top down. If this is not changed, things will only get worse and taxes will rise to pay for even more administration.

The choices are clear, do we want to build an affordable community where people get along and enjoy living here, or do we want to continue with a failed social experiment which tried to replace everything, even things not broken.

Anonymous said...

No personal attacks here. The map in question is public information which can even be found on the wall at the municipal office, in the Land Use Bylaw, and which also can be purchased separately for $6.
I have no argument with you on the rest of what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it public information no doubt. If someone has the need to know they can dig it out. No need to put this on public display. This land has been in their family for more than a generation. Just go little bit further east and you will see farmers owning way more than this .

The people our high taxes hit the hardest are young families who need to shell out over $300 per month if they have a decent newer home. This is wrong because we need to fill our schools with children to make this community work. Our current council has lost sight of this.

The personal attacks we see right now are very disappointing.

Anonymous said...

1:30 :
I stand corrected. It seems these rural maps are sort of grandfathered since nobody has ever complained.

36. What information can a municipality release on a tax certificate?
• Section 350 of the MGA authorizes the release of tax arrears information. It
says that on request a municipality can release the amount of taxes imposed
and the amount of taxes owing in the current year, and the total amount of tax
• The MGA is silent on whether the name of the property owner is to be released.
Any disclosure of personal information under FOIP should be limited to "the
extent necessary to enable the public body to carry out the purposes in a
reasonable manner (section 40(4) of the FOIP Act). Normally the name of the
property owner would not need to be disclosed.

7. Can municipalities prepare rural maps that contain the names of land
• Often rural maps contain the first initial and last name of land owners, legal
land descriptions, and the location of houses. These maps are prepared for use
by municipal staff, such as emergency services, utilities, and others who need
to locate owners. Maps are often made available to the public as well.
• Many municipalities are continuing to produce these maps since they believe the
use of the owners’ names on the maps is not an unreasonable invasion of
personal privacy under section 17 of the FOIP Act. The disclosure would be
permitted under section 40(1)(b) of the FOIP Act once the municipality
makes the decision. Unless there is an investigation of a privacy complaint by
the Commissioner and the resulting report recommends removing the names,
municipalities may decide to continue to produce the maps.

- FOIP Frequently Asked Questions for Municipalities

Anonymous said...

Not sure what the big deal is. In a city you can look up any address and see what the taxes are.

Kind of ridiculous even discussing it.

Anonymous said...

A mass mail out by a group that is desperate tha is all I see.
Let's get to oct 21 and seeing the governing of this community where it belongs back on the hands of the taxpayers.