Wednesday, October 16, 2013

G + P Meeting Oct 15, 2013

James Russomanno:

Appeared as a delegation to present a pile of information on “Water Fluoridation” which I am sure will give next council some food for thought. Was really good to see somebody young taking enough of an interest in an issue to appear before council.


Peter Murray from Riversdale (project manager for Grassy Mountain) appeared to give an up date on what they are doing in the Crowsnest Pass. Obviously very early in the process, certainly appear to be lining things up to move forward. They have begun the consultation process with First Nations group, mapping for exploration, once that is done they will apply for provincial permits they are hoping to begin exploration late November early December. He announced that he and his family have been in the Pass for a few months, two more employee’s will be here this week. In addition Riversdale have rented office across from the Greenhill Hotel plus they have rented accommodation in the Puchen building. Over all a good news story for the Crowsnest Pass moving forward.

Municipal Website:

Good presentation on our new revamped municipal website first impression it looks very good, administration stated that it, would be launched today. @

Council Remuneration and Travel Reimbursement:

Council members receive a Stipend each month as a member of council plus payment for all official meetings required as a council member. They do not get paid for attending as a volunteer, parades etc. The stipend as not changed since 2001 and the meeting rate as not changed since 2008, of course the Mayor decided once again to slam previous council’s for neglecting their duties by not dealing with this issue previously. I was a little disappointed with administration because they all failed to mention, (yes it is in the old council minutes) that the practice as always been that council addresses this issue at their last meeting before an election. So that a new council would not be in a position of setting it’s own pay rate for the next four years. The Mayor was so caught up in his speech about the “travesty and neglect of previous council’s” I guess nobody from the administration team wished to rain on his parade. 


Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of flashy, gimmicky, graphics-laden websites that don't add any functionality. The old site would have done the job if it had just been de-cluttered and organized better.

Is it $80,000 worth of prettiness? I put it in the same category as banners and entrance signs.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 4:41.
Heavy on flash, light on function.
Could have done a best of AB muni sites survey and mimic that which works great elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Dean, Do you know what that web site cost us?

Anonymous said...

This council has been very big on words and very small on action. Our Mayor confuses policy work with heavy lifting. I guess, if that is what you have done all your life, you may come to believe this.

Anonymous said...

The motto of this Mayor, council and administration has been "Save Money at All Costs". They cannot follow the basic premise of live within your means, and have plowed ahead with all sorts of projects that, yes bring us into the 21st Century, but have to. E supported by a 20th Cenutury budget. No common sense or sense of reality. The closing of Devon was the "canary in the mine" and was ignored.

Anyone who thinks this will change with their reelection is daydreaming. The community is being split and even though I hate to agree with John Primce, we will be split into the have elitists and have nots. Both have to support this mammoth beast, but only one who can afford to pay for it.

Time to reflect on what we can afford, and to turf the bit about old school, new school and middle of the readers. We are on a sinking ship, bot on a raod, and anyone who read the inspection report and interpreted the bureau speak, knows we are in deep kaka in the Crowsnest Pass.

Time to vote in a new group who will evaluate where we are and what we can afford, and act accordingly. No purging or axe swinging, just COMMON SENSE MANAGEMENT--something which is now lacking.