Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some items to think about before you vote.

  • The new Image, we are in the process of spending in excess of $300,000 to put in place the new brand, logo, banners etc.

  • The hidden “tax” Franchise Fees have increased from $295,000 in 2010 to almost $700,000 in 2013

  • Crowsnest Centre the Mayor announces in his Mayor’s Corner Oct 17,2012 “The new Hotel, Restaurant truck stop complex is a go!”

  • June 25,2013 Council is informed that Medican has backed out of the hotel deal

  • July 23,2013 Council votes to pay $50,000 to purchase Best Western name for Group Vachon.

  • Sept 2013, Workplace Assessment Report  “"While many express that this relationship has, historically, not been "perfect", the theme is that, currently, the relationship is the "worst it has ever been". “The majority of employees indicated they are experiencing significantly high levels of stress in this workplace. Longer term employees stated "morale is lower than they can remember".

  • We now have the largest and most expensive administration in our history the Russell Farmer report recommends “The municipality continues to rationalize its operations looking for opportunities to create greater efficiencies and effectiveness not only in operations but in administration as well”

  • Russell Farmer identifies crucial areas of concern “High rate of turn over in management particularly the CAO, and the impact of the high rate of turn over on the municipality’s ability to provide effective and efficient service” In the last three years we have had three CAO’s plus seven other changes in various administrative positions the most in any term of council since 1979.

  • Russell Farmer crucial area of concern “Communication within the organization and with residents which has resulted in a lack of trust in the community and in the organization”.

  • Russell Farmer High Tax Rate; “Crowsnest Pass’s mill rate has increased by 8.3 percent in the past two years which is a significant increase in the mill rate”

  • March 6,2012 Thunder in the Valley is deferred for one year

  • October 2012, Fire Chief terminated, large numbers of volunteers leave the Fire Department   

  • Budget 2013 Council after a significant miscalculation on the assessment base eliminates the $100,000 commitment to the York Creek Lodge to balance the municipal budget. 


Anonymous said...

I would like to add to your list.
- 2 peace officers at no cost to the taxpayer.
- Increase the late tax penalty from about 21% to about 52%

Anonymous said...

This Council just does not get it. Absolutely no one on Council accepted any responsibility for anything that happened. "They welcomed the Municipal Inspection!" which found almost the entire municipal organization all but difunctional, if anyone reads the report carefully.

With this, they are running on their record. What can be said?

Anonymous said...

I read the report carefully and completely disagree with anon 0850. If anything, the ratepayers should be accepting responsibility for the fact that they wasted the time and energy of several resources, and made everyone in the community a laughing stock to boot. I think alot of people signed that petition and didn't understand why, and now they feel the need to scramble to validate their poor choice.

Anonymous said...

They wasted TONS of resources and time and money.

Anonymous said...

9:28 i have lots of reading ahead for you because I completely disagree with you, look again at the quotes Dean as listed above then go read the rest of the report, then read the workplace assessment report. If that is still not enough for you consider that the report as 87 recommendations not just 3 or 4 but 87. That is a lot, then read the municipal newsletter even the CAO talks about the report identifying areas where the municipality needs to improve. Finally if that is not enough for you read Incumbent Larry Mitchell's comments in the Q and A he felt the report provided some very valuable information and he stated "in order to find a better way forward".

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that 2500 people signed a petition should have been enough for council to go in a different direction. They did not change. They claimed they had the silent majority. Bearing in mind that you only have about 3000 people who really care and take the time to vote and sign petitions this was a very poor excuse. Simply put, this council forgot who they represent.
I guess we will see just how big there silent majority is in a few days. I will not vote for 1 of them.
I have been led down the garden path and have taken enough grains of salt over the last 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Checking the weather before "the next snow falls" these guys will be done.

Anonymous said...

Talking about our Council, taking the responsibility for anything is not in their DNA. They even try to blame the new Economic Development Board, a volunteer group, for recommending they throw $50,000 of taxpayers money down the drain with this nonsense payment to Best Western. What can anyone add to this "fact?"

Anonymous said...

I think there are a lot of people counting their chickens a wee bit early, but all will be decided in 3 short days.

Anonymous said...

No one should count their chickens yet, every vote is important. Go out there and vote for your favorite candidate. I voted for Bruce last time, now that he is running on his record, I know I cannot vote for him.

Anonymous said...

I hear of people saying they are not going to vote, due to it being a done deal. Do not do that folks you may wake up Tuesday morning with an unpleasant surprise.
This could be a tight race with every vote counting.