Sunday, October 20, 2013

Now, It really is about voting

I just received a comment from some one that is going to vote for me which I sincerely appreciate.
More than anything it gave me several reminders the first being that the poll on my right was for fun and was provided due to a lot of requests from people that read my blog. Let's not forget the Wildrose was winning the election right up until days before the vote. So polls are great but the only one that really counts is tomorrow. Second there is no question that the Incumbents and their supporters are working hard, it would be foolish to write them off at this point. So I think it is important to remind your family and friends that if they have not been happy with the last three years they need to get out and vote. When you look at an Incumbent you are not just voting for them as individuals your are voting on what they have stood for. Did they represent you and the direction you wished the community to move towards?
 I encourage the voters to do two things; first of all think really hard about who and what you want for the next four years, let's be clear you will have to live with who you elect tomorrow for the full four years. Neither a petition, or municipal affairs are going to change the decision we all make, and lastly and most importantly get out and vote.

Dean Ward


Anonymous said...

My wish tomorrow is to announce to all that we will finally be rid of anarchy and tyrants who have imposed upon us the worst of the worst and will hopefully go down in history as the worst council EVER!

peter rosner said...

Although I don't agree with a total house cleaning I feel that is the reality we will be facing tomorrow. In the case of this council the whole is not greater than a sum of its parts. To borrow a line from F.D. Roosevelt-- "You have nothing to fear but fear itself"

Anonymous said...

"When you look at an Incumbent you are not just voting for them as individuals your are voting on what they have stood for."

They are not even campaigning as individuals, they are campaigning as a bloc, handing out flyers promoting the 5 incumbents. Have they ever publicly disagreed about anything? Gallant claims he argued against some spending items but wont say which ones and never went public about it at the time.

I'm voting for candidates who will let the public know where they stand if they disagree with proposed programs and legislation.

I don't agree with some of Dean's ideas, but I'm sure he wont buy in to the code of solidarity and secrecy the incumbents stand for.

Anonymous said...

The deck will be shuffled,
We start the new deal,
No matter what happens
Our wounds we can heal.

So onward and forward,
Together we go,
Tomorrow's a new start,
Let's get on with the SHOW.

In less than a day
we will all learn our fate,
For better or worse,
The Pass is just GREAT.

Anonymous said...

Dean, looks like they are newbies except for you. Will be a good group, say what.....congrats.