Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oct 29 Organizational Meeting of Council

Highlights from the first official meeting of council:

We had a brief session from 5-6pm for council to meet most of the administration team.

At 6pm we were all sworn in to our positions by Doug Young followed up by our official council picture which will be posted on the Municipal Web site shortly.

At 7pm in front of a packed house we started of with the organizational meeting, Mayor Painter in line with past practice had spoken to all members of council regarding their preferences for which committee's very would like to sit on and handed out the appointments, these are reviewed every year at the first meeting in October:

AAMDC----Mayor Painter
Ag Services Board----Councilor Kovach
Alberta Southwest Regional Alliance----Mayor Painter
AUMA-----Mayor Painter
CN/PC Waste Management-----Councilors Filipuzzi, Ward and Lazzarotto
CNP Senior Housing----Councilors Filipuzzi and Anctil
Culture and Heritage Cmt-----Councilor Filipuzzi
Economic Development Cmt-----Councilor Filipuzzi
FCSS------Councilor Lazzarotto
G + P Cmt-----All members of council
Library----Councilor Glavin
Management Negotiating Cmt------Mayor Painter, Councilor Ward
Mayors and Reeves----Mayor Painter
Municipal Heritage Board----Councilor Lazzarotto
Planning Commission------Councilors Kovach and Ward
Oldman River Regional Service Commission------Councilors Kovach and Filipuzzi
Policy Cmt-----Councilors Ward and Kovach
Community Policing Cmt-----Councilor Anctil
Ski Hill Society----Councilors Kovach and Glavin
Southwest Alberta Trails Advisory Cmt----Councilor Glavin
Sports and Recreation Cmt------Councilor Anctil
Spray Lakes Public Advisory Cmt----Councilor Kovach
Subdivision and Development Appeal-----Councilor Anctil

This list was approved by vote of Council, with one exception a Motion was brought forth by Councilor Ward to address the Policy Cmt that is currently in place. Presently made up of the Mayor, two councilors and the CAO, there will be a meeting of this committee in the next two weeks with all members of council invited to consider the option of disbanding this committee and directing its work load to the G+P committee with a recommendation coming back to council on Nov 19th.

Last issue for the Organizational meeting was the deputy Mayor rotation, policy states that all councilor's will sit in the Deputy Mayor position for two months of the year. To keep it simply it was agreed by council that the rotation would be filled alphabetically for the next twelve months beginning with Councilor Antil.

I will report on the special council meeting later.

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What is the difference between Municipal Heritage Board and Culture and Heritage Committee?