Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Democracy and another perspective on the current Election

Democracy is alive and well and very active in the Crowsnest Pass, I was told last night after the council meeting that 481 people voted in the advance poll double the number that voted last election.

Right now there are so many conversations happening all over the Pass regarding who should be voted in and why:

Here is a link to Peter Rosner's Blog giving his perspective on the election 

Peter also refers to an article that appeared in the Pass Herald on Oct 26, 2010 after the last election where the previous CAO Gord Lundy reflects on his time in the Pass, great things about our small town, and the community moving forward.


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

I just received a comment asking why I am posting a link to Peter Rosner's Blog but did not post the link to the Crowsnest Claims and Facts blog.
I was labelled a self serving hypocritical --------.
I have already refuted two of the claims made about myself on this blog ($50,000 for Group Vachon, and the number/costs of administration) even the Municipalities own numbers from 2010 disagrees with the "Claims and Facts"
Second of all you created an identity that pretended to be somebody else to try and lend credibility to what you have to say. On my blog I do not believe their is any mystery to whose blog this is.
I would be glad to post a link to your blog with only two conditions attached.
Tell us who you are? and tell us how you managed to invade people's privacy and access hundreds of email addresses. The comment's made to be by a number of people that the only place that as my email address is a "school parents group" the "Cando group" or the "municipality", I would prefer not to believe that any of those groups would provide email addresses to a lobby group, that would be a serious violation of FOIP.

Anonymous said...

You can link to whoever you want. I would be OK with an anon blog but not an imposter like RudegOn.

Found this article:

Anonymous said...

Crowsnest Pass Facts claims $50,000 payment to reserve a hotel brand for a private company was made on the recommendation of an Economic Board. This is news.

How would they make such a recommendation and on whose advice? That whole string of "Fact"s has been poorly strung together. Put your name on it, and people will link with you.

Anonymous said...

Re. $50,000 payment to a private company. Who would make a claim blaming it on a volunteer Economic Development Board?

Have we seen someone who is good at deflecting blame and seeking credit at every opportunity?